“I am delighted to recommend Rebecca, not just for her proofreading and editing skills, but for her ability to grasp the core issues involved in a very complex work of non-fiction. Rebecca took my rough piece of coal which she quickly fashioned into a polished diamond. I thoroughly recommend her professionalism, but please form an orderly queue for her services behind me.”

– John Morris, author of The Clydach Murders

“We are glad to have you working on this for us and we have no qualms that you will do a wonderful job.”

– Adel Ansah, co-author of Johnny Just Come

“We appreciated the fact that getting the work done was where your concern was rather than payment and since you delivered, we had no option than to do likewise.”

– Stella Okeke, co-author of Johnny Just Come

“I really value your overseeing.”

– Daryl Frost, author

“Your input is much appreciated and very valuable! :)”

– Kate J.

“Hooray!! My highlight of the day!”

– Tim Weeks, author of Catch 23

“Rebecca is professional and focused in her work, but also has a good sense of humour which makes her good to work for.”

– Kathy Daniels (employment law subject matter expert)

“She has been invaluable to me and our team. Thanks Rebecca!”

– Leyla Folwell, WIGWAM Ceramics